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Migration should vary and be based, for the most part, on the need for unskilled or specialty labour as well as economic conditions.All of Canada under threat for Liberals’ refusal to uphold law concerning returning ISIL fightersTrudeau’s holier than thou tweet causes migrant crisis now he needs to fix what he startedTrump’s populism may not be attractive but his immigration policies are resonating with peopleFrankly, this one million half of whom are family immigrants and not economically free standing immigrants is unsustainable. Equivalent to the population of both Ottawa and Edmonton, that a lot of health care, educational costs, infrastructure pressure, and housing shortages.But the Liberals are undaunted. Trudeau Immigration Minister rebutted to polling results that immigration is not a sum situation and that more money (read tax dollars) will be invested in these areas for these newcomers.

MARQUETTE Around this time of year, I get a little stir crazy. The novelty of the snow and cold starts to wear off, and I begin to long for the warm summer air, early sunrises, late evenings, cookouts and bonfires by the lake. Clearly we have quite some time until those days are here.

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